SpiroNIL™ (The Original Teasel Root)

Concentrate of Dipsacus sylvestris (Teasel root)

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Listen to the Teasel Root Story by Dr. Davis


How Teasel Root Was Discovered as a Great Aid to Reduce the Suffering of Lyme Disease.


When I was finishing my book Healing Herb Rapid Reference, in around 2000, I had the pleasure of being joined by Matthew Wood.


He came to stay at my farm for a few days to contribute to the book.


And during that time, he recounted a story—one of the many, many things he’s witnessed as a great herbalist. 


He’s a very good observer of nature.


And when he was at an herbal retreat, he saw something early one morning that was very striking to him.


He noticed that deer were walking in a circle.


A group of deer were walking a circle around a group of some teasel plants that were drying with that characteristic of the season.


It appeared to him that it was very intentional and reverential.


It was as if the deer were honoring the teasel plant because they knew that it would help mitigate some of the terrible problems that they themselves were responsible for transmitting by carrying the deer tick.


Apparently, not too long after her observed that, another herbalist, which I think he said was from Canada, had noticed independently something very similar and compared those stories.


When I heard the stories of deer circling the teasel root plants, that was enough to inspire me to go and make an extract of teasel root.


And as I’ve done so since I started my herb company in 1981.


As often as possible, I always use fresh plant extract combined with dry plant extract because we get a little different profile.


We get a little stronger chemistry from dry plant substances and then we get the enormously active energy that comes out of the colloidal suspension when the plant is fresh.


These products are made by Forest Center Herbs which processes the herbs just a few miles from my herb farm in the forest where I live.


And so, when I took the teasel-root extract I had created, the symptoms from the severe Lyme disease that I had experienced were reduced significantly.


I still had these things something I couldn’t do anything about which was ligament laxity, weakness and weak knees, still tiredness.


And I noticed that within less than a day, these symptoms almost completely gone.


It was enormously impressing.


So, within a short period of time, I got enough of the teasel root material extracted in my company and sent it out to the doctors who I felt were the most competent people to evaluate it.


And I asked them if they saw what I had witnessed, and they did.


So, since that time we started selling teasel root.


There was no one else selling the product at that time for many years.


We sold tens of thousands of bottles simply because it helps people so much.


It just keeps going up every year because of the number of people that need this wonderful herb.


I am very careful to point out that I don’t think it’s a cure.


Maybe in some cases it is, but I don’t think there’s any single thing that can be called a cure.


If the persons’ immune system is strong and they don’t have a lot of emotional and other stress factors, sometimes that’s enough to just completely knock the thing out and they recover just fine.


All of the thousands of people suffering with chronic Lyme know that that may not work all the time.


So, it’s extremely important to appreciate the use of teasel root which I called SpiroNil, that’s the name of the product from Forest Center Herbs—SpiroNil. Spirochetes, Nil, nullification.


And I think the teasel root acts possibly like colestyramine some way.


I learned about that when I did clinic rounds with Dr. Richard Schumacher Irby in the early 2000’s.


I was in his family clinic with him, watching him and learning from him and he’s genius of diagnosis.


He uses a different approach, but he contacted me because he heard of what I was doing with teasel root.


So don’t forget teasel root.


It’s enormously important it’s been around for a long time.


There also a second product that I got a couple of years after that.


I believe I was guided to that on my own.


It’s an herb that grows in the southern US, and its common name is Yellow Root with the botanical name of xanthoriza.


And it is a secondary herb that I often use after teasel, the SpiroNil.


At Forest Center Herbs we call that yellow root BiotoxElim.


It’s just another supportive product.


It’s bitter and it has berberine type colloids in it.


It’s quite different from Oregon Grape Root and different from Golden Seal as well.


It’s just different energetically and it seems to have a very specific action in helping to mitigate some of the Lyme symptoms that come from coinfections.


In my opinion, when we’re talking about people with Lyme disease, everything that we know to support the immune system nutritionally; everything that we know to reduce stress; everything that we know to support the meridian system, certainly the neuromuscular and structural system, with chiropractors and osteopaths, all of those things should be done concurrently.


When you do that you can shorten and diminish the suffering of people very, very quickly.


So that’s what I encourage people to do.


Also, always check for all the supportive nutrients, trace minerals, zinc, magnesium, and manganese.


Those things that can support ligaments.


Ligaments are terribly attacked by neurotoxins and the spirochete itself.


So I recommend these two wonderful products to you and this is the story of how teasel root was used in the beginning.


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