MicroNIL – “The Herbal Sledgehammer”

A blend of Echinacea, Goldenseal, Inula, Osha, Coptis, Cayenne, and Waltheria

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Listen to Dr. Brent Davis explain the clinical explanations of MicroNIL:


Hello, this is Dr. Brent Davis speaking to you today about a product called MicroNil, made by Forest Center Herbs.


It’s been around for many years. Some of the accounts that use it somehow got the name of “Herbal Sledge Hammer”.


I think that’s how one of the doctors referred to it and so we have sort of gone along with that.


It’s a blend of a couple of herbs that ore quite well known, echinacea and golden seal and then others that aren’t known as much.


So, echinacea is a great imuno-modulator.


It works best on people that have never had it before.


I did that as far back as 1981 evaluating how it works as a single substance and when someone has never had echinacea, it can produce some rather profound effects.


The more that people have it echinacea, the less it seems to have the profound effects but it’s still very useful.


Interestingly, as I’ve researched the development of our hemp products, the high CBD the high total extract of all of the valuable things in industrial hemp, I realized that while cannabinoids from hemp influence our endo-cannabinoid system, echinacea does as well. I didn’t know that.


So, echinacea will stimulate the endo-cannabinoid system, turn on the body.


Golden seal of course has hydrastis in it, a berberine to strong antiseptics.


So those two are well known.


Inula hilenium, Elecampane is another herb in there.


It has tremendous properties to clear the lungs and congestion.


It also has great properties to help re-establish better stomach function I’ve found.


When I see people that have applied kinesiology pepperellis clavicular problems which often reflect stomach issues, I will think of an inula and when they have lung congestion as well, compounds of inula have been shown to work against even tuberculosis in in vitro testing.


It’s quite a wonderful herb, energetically as well, it’s uplifting.


Osha- ligusticum poteri is rather rare nowadays so we have to source it very carefully.


It is inimitable, it’s not replaceable by anything else that I know of in clearing mucous and kapha conditions in heavy obstruction situations.


And actually, as a single herb in a product called ImuStim 3, small quantities of it can be used to stimulate appetite, even like a drop or two.


So Osha has remarkable properties as a single substance but is works very well in the formula.


Cayenne is in this formula as well, a small amount just to harmonize and blend the action of all the other substances.


Coptis which is well known in traditional Chinese medicine also has berberine in it and is another broad acting substance to clear heat and to clear dampness.


In Chinese medicine, dampness being associated with lymphatic congestion, poor spleen energy, poor digestion, chronic illness, syndromes, that we see a lot in patience. The heat being associated with inflammatory infections.


The last herb which I developed, I don’t think anyone else is using it. In the late 80’s probably when I found it was Waltheria Indigo, one of the great herbs in Hawaiian traditional medicine.


The root of that is very, very hard to dig, very hard to obtain. But there’s a special preparation of the root bark that it really fires up the immune system.


So those things combined in MicroNil all together are probably the best broad-acting herbal substance I know to act as a natural herbal antibiotic/antiseptic.


So, make sure that you have that in your kit and test for it when people need it.




Dr. Brent W. Davis


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