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Fluid extract of highest quality Chinese astragalus memb.- decoction concentrate


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Org. grown Artemisia; herb-derived Berberine and Hydrastine-like cmpds. in a proprietary plant

Black Walnut

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Fresh plant extract of wild, Organically grown, Unblemished GREEN juglans nigra hulls

IMU-STIM® 1 Liquid

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Fresh and dry plant three species Echinacea plant extract


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Extract of high mountain mature root of Ligusticum porteri


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A blend of herbal extracts of Sweet leaf and Pau d’Arco bark (Monarda fistulosaand & Tabebuia impetiginosa)

Passion Flower

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Dry plant extract of organically grown Passiflora incarnata


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High silymarin concentrate of milk Thistle seedcoats, using only water and alcohol (avoiding toxic organic solvents used in the preparation of commercial extracts.) Aids parenchyma regeneration.

SpiroNIL™ (The Original Teasel Root)

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Concentrate of Dipsacus sylvestris (Teasel root)

U.D.G.™ Liquid Concentrate

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Concentrated FLUID EXTRACT of Una de gato wood & bark, Uncaria tomentosa

Vapornil (Queen of the Meadow)

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Forest Center Herbs’ water extract of wild Eupatorium fist. roots