A special message from Forest Center Herbs Founder, Dr. Brent W. Davis

When Forest Center Herbs was still a young company, I had the opportunity to visit several of the largest and most
reputable herbal manufacturing companies in the world, located in Germany. I was doing an herbal research project at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology with Dr. Hildebert Wagner’s graduate students at the University of Munich, and on different trips I had the occasion to stop by each major company.

I derived the greatest education from my visit to Madaus Company of Cologne, Germany, complete with a campus for physicians to learn about their products. At the time they produced the largest amount of fresh plant herbal extracts of anyone worldwide.

Here in the U.S. I had already been developing my own techniques for extracting herbs IN THE FIELD (in the wild) where they grow. I was very
familiar with the benefits of fresh plant herbal extracts. I knew that if one clinically evaluated Forest Center Herbs (FCH) fresh plant extracts as compared to extracts made by mainstream herbal companies, there was simply no contest. FCH extracts testedsuperior with respect to
bio-activity. But I was very interested in learning if the folks at Madaus could tell me specifically, from their point of view, why fresh plant
extracts are superior.

Madaus also produces homeopathic products, so we spoke on the level of “vital energy.” It is rather obvious that herbs extracted fresh would contain a greater amount of “vital energy.” But I didn’t get anything more specific, even from the general manager who was kind enough to give me a company tour. What he did recommend finally was that I speak to the venerable librarian (in his eighties) that had been with Madaus
company since it began.

When I finally encountered that elderly gentleman (in a fragile state of health), I found that although his body was nearing the end of his life, his mind was still sharp as can be. He attentively listened to my interests, and when I mentioned that no one could explain more deeply why fresh plant extracts were superior, he said, “It is really very simple. It is all about COLLOIDS. Study colloids.” Then he turned and walked away to his office! I was startled, wondering what happened to the conversation. But I remembered to take his advice.

Colloids are very small charged particles in solution or suspension that act as “seeds” of energy to attract water molecules and thus form the
nuclei of liquid crystals. In living (hydrated) systems, colloids retain their charge by being surrounded with a protective coating of such materials as gelatin, albumen, collagen, and in FRESH (moisture containing) plants, polysaccharides.

FCH fresh plant liquid herbal extracts are made in a way to ensure high colloidal content. When the herb extract is stirred and rapidly agitated with abrupt changes of direction (a preparation method used at FCH), the directional change liberates energy that is absorbed by the hydrogen bonds of water and further enhances the charged particle state of the colloids. FCH herbal extracts act as energy donors when they enter the body.

One of the things that I have heard from numerous practitioners using dark field blood analysis is that when FCH herbal products are
administered to patients and tested compared to before dosing, there is a dramatic reduction in the unhealthy agglomeration of RBC’s (rouleaux formation.) With FCH herbals this occurs because in addition to therapeutic phytochemicals in the extracts, they are enhanced by the charged particle state of the colloids.

There are so many herbs in the marketplace that it can be a challenge to find high energy and biologically active products. Most companies
liquid herbal drops are made from dried herbs, are not fresh plant colloid-rich, and perform at a lower level than the vital extracts from Forest Center Herbs.

I encourage you to obtain spray testers of different of the FCH liquid extracts and test their wonderful performance on your patients if you can evaluate them by kinesiological or electrodermal means. Clinical outcome, of course, is a good test too! If you are a practitioner, please be sure to ask the folks at Forest Center Herbs for the RPS (rapid product screening) reflex test sheet to help you in that regard.