Forest Center Herbs

A Special Message From Forest Center Herbs Founder,
Dr. Brent W. Davis

Colloids are very small charged particles in solution or suspension that act as “seeds” of energy to attract water molecules and thus form the nuclei of liquid crystals. In living (hydrated) systems, colloids retain their charge by being surrounded with a protective coating of such materials as gelatin, albumen, collagen, and in FRESH (moisture containing) plants, polysaccharides.

Forest Center Herbs’ fresh plant liquid herbal extracts are made in a way to ensure high colloidal content. When the fresh plant herb extract is stirred and rapidly agitated with abrupt changes ofdirection (a preparation method used at FCH), the directional change liberates energy that is absorbed by the hydrogen bonds of water and further enhances the charged particle state of the colloids. Forest Center Herbs’ extracts thus act as energy donors when they enter the body.